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FNC vs. JYP vs. Cube: Which one is Big 3 Kpop Agency?

SM, YG, and JYP are well known as the big 3 kpop agencies. But in recent years that has changed. JYP is now struggling to keep its position as number 3 Kpop company. JYP couldn't live up to its name for the past few years. So, which one do you think is the big 3 kpop agency along with SM and YG now? JYP, FNC, or Cube?

Strong Point: Park Jin Young is still one of the most powerful man in the world of kpop. In 2015, he showed off his undiminished power by making bit hits with his song 'Who's your mama?' and Miss A's 'Only you'. The famous producer has a special ability to make girl groups very popular. Wonder Girls is coming back, while JYP's new girl group Twice is receiving great attention from people in the world of kpop.

Weak Point: Some people in kpop world have already started to exclude JYP from the big 3 kpop agencies. JYP's sales were only 48 billion won in 2014, while FNC's sales reached 60 billion won. Even though JYP has changed the entire atmosphere within the company by correcting its producing system since its crisis, it's not firmed up yet.(The company tried to lower its dependence on Park Jin Young) The popularity of 2PM is on the wane, while GOT7 is not popular enough yet.

Strong Point: Yoo Jae Suk. The famous comedian has recently signed an exclusive contract with FNC. He is the most popular entertainer in Korea, and his presence can help FNC takes the initiative in show business. The agency also has other competitive entertainers such as Jung Hyung Don and Noh Hong Chul, while its girl group AOA has been growing steadily as a popular idol group.

Weak Point: When FT Island and CNLBUE debuted, they succeeded in catching eyes of people because they were rock bands, not dance groups. They differentiated themselves from the other kpop idol groups. However, it seems that popularity of the two teams has already reached plateau, while FNC's rookie band N.Flying couldn't win big success yet. FNC needs to find its dynamic force for new growth.

Strong Point: Cube entertainment has popular kpop idol groups such as BEAST and 4minute. And the agency has a special bond with its family companies such as IHQ and A-cube entertainment, which means Cube can increase a profit by diversifying its management system. Especially, IHQ has the know-how to produce various video contents, and the alliance between the IHQ and Cube can generate a synergy effect.

Weak Point: When Cube was listed on the stock market, I asked people in the world of kpop if I had to buy the stock. And everyone without exception said, "Please don't."(Even Cube staffs told me not to buy the stock) Cube has internal problems and many people are not optimistic about the company's future.

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