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Big Bang's G-Dragon says he has fantasies about beautiful things including women

On June 8, Big Bang's G-Dragon held a press conference for his upcoming exhibition PEACEMINUSONE to be held at the Seoul Museum of Art from June 9 to August 23. At the event, he talked about what made him decided to hold the collaborative exhibition with various modern artists. And after the press conference, I could see all the exhibits.(I want to explain details of the exhibits, but I do not have a deep knowledge of modern art at all. Sorry)

Anyway, the press conference was opened with the speech by Kim Hong Hee, the director of the Seoul Museum of Art.(I was bored to death by her speech) At the end of the speech, she introduced GD, saying, "Please welcome global artist GD." Here's full text of GD's speech.

Hi, I'm a global artist.(laugh) I think many people would wonder why I decided to hold the exhibition. I'm a musician and pop singer, but I've also learned a lot from collaborative music works with various artists. I could share many things with them, and we could create synergy effects. Based on such an experience, I wanted to plan an exhibition which can put pop culture and modern art together.

I think there are many people who feel art to be difficult. I've learned a lot from the co-work with many modern artists. My horizons expanded after the work.

I do not have a deep knowledge of art yet, but I hope that many people will become interested in art after visiting the exhibition. I want to be a link between art and people. I have fantasies about beautiful things. I like beautiful clothes, women, and music. I feel great when I see beautiful or stylish things. I hope the public will enjoy the exhibition.

And here are his additional comments about his interest in modern art.

"I like various modern artists. For example, I was inspired by Francis Bacon when I wrote 'BAE BAE'. When I saw his work of art, I thought it was very erotic for some reason. And since early years, I've painted many pictures about my thoughts even though I'm not good at it."

And these are modern artist Kwon Oh Sang's comments about GD.

"I've been collaborating with GD for about a year. The co-work was proposed by YG and I found that GD has already gathered much information about my works when I accepted the proposal. I worked closely with him. We talked about every detail of our work. And I was shocked by Big Bang and GD's music videos. Visually it was amazing and I thought he exactly knows how to communicate with the public. It was a pleasant co-work."

Criticism Toward Seoul Museum of Art and G-Dragon
Seoul citizens' taxes have been used for managing Seoul Museum of Art, while the museum usually has held free exhibitions. However, ticket price for GD's exhibition is 13,000 won(about 11.5 USD), while YG paid the museum a large amount of venue rental fee before holding the exhibition. That's why some people in the art world are blaming the museum. They say, "All the museum cares about is making money. And it's also absurd that GD, who doesn't know about art, holds his exhibition. He didn't even create any work of art that is displayed in the exhibition. He just lent his name."


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