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SHINee's Jonghyun soothes his crying fan tenderly

Are you all excited about SHINee's comeback? The group released its new song 'View' and is now busy promoting the song. By the way, a fan who met with SHINee's Jonghyun at the group's signing event, posted a review of the event on a Korean website and it is now drawing many people's attention. Through the review, you can guess Jonghyun's real personality.

I really hate my name and I asked him not to write my name on the paper at first. However, he asked me, "So, what do you want me to write?" and my mind just went blank. I said, "Just write my name, please."

And then, I wanted to tell him that I got really comforted by listening to Jonghyun's 'Blue Night', but tears were suddenly welling up in my eyes. He looked a little bit embarrassed and asked me, "Why do you cry?" but there were so many fans, and I had to move to stand in line for Onew. 

When I was standing in the line, I met his eyes and the thoughtful member said "Don't cry." And when Onew was signing autograph for me, he said "Don't cry" again, with a gentle touch of his hand on my arm. 

I was in panic and I couldn't even say the words I had been longing to tell them. I just got back to my seat. Just at that moment, a staff member delivered Jonghyun's note to me.

"Don't cry. You have a pretty name. People are foolish. You are a great person."

I cried not because of my name but because of SHINee. But, anyway, the note really helped me mend my broken heart.

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