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Opportunity or Threat for 9th year girl group KARA

KARA is back. On May 26, KARA held a comeback showcase and talked about its 7th mini album. At the showcase, the girl group performed the title song 'Cupid', while the members were so beautiful.

By the way, many people in the world of kpop say that the album will be an opportunity or threat for KARA. The girl group should prove a few things with its brand new album.

KARA is the representative kpop girl group who is very popular in Japan. The girl group debuted in Japanese music market in 2010 and held its exclusive concert in Tokyo Dome in 2013. Kara was the first kpop girl group who held its exclusive concert in the Dome which can accommodate about 50,000 fans. And the group proved its unchanged popularity in the country by topping Oricon's daily single chart with its 12th Japanese single 'Summergic' in May 2015.

However, KARA is not that popular in Korea any more, unfortunately. So, the first thing KARA has to do with its new album is to prove its competitiveness in the domestic market. Many young girl groups debuted in recent years and KARA's position as a popular kpop girl group is under threat now. If KARA fails to show off its undiminished power in the kpop world with its new album, the girl group will be on the edge of a precipice.

About this, Park Gyuri said "I know our fans want us to show some cute performances. However, the members are not that young any more. We're ashamed to act cute like young girl groups such as Lovelyz and GFriend. We will try to show cheerful and energetic performance."

And Han Seung Yeon added, "Actually, Gyuri and I are about to turn 30 years old. I like cute performance, but I feel a little bit uncomfortable showing cute and innocent performance in front of fresh girl groups. 'Cupid' is a compromise between sexy and cute."

After Nicole and Kang Jiyoung left KARA in the early 2014, Heo Youngji joined the team as a new member. The youngest member caught eyes of people by showing off her cute and innocent charm, while she also succeeded in distinguishing herself on SBS' 'Room Mate'. She absolutely reinvigorated 9th year girl group KARA.

But, it's Youngji's second year as a member of KARA and she needs to show her musical growth this time. She can't be a young and fresh girl for ever.

Youngji stated, "When we released 'Mamma Mia', I tried to turn on the charm of a matured woman. But 'Cupid' is a cute and sexy song. I want to show my fans how I improved as a singer. I practiced really hard. And I also contributed to a rap part this time. It was not easy to rap, but rapper Nassun helped me a lot."

And Gyuri added, "As you know, Youngji is young and fresh. I think there is a great synergy between her and the other members. She has improved a lot, and I'm so proud of her because she is quick to adapt.

So, what do you think? Will KARA be able to achieve a success with 'Cupid'?

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