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EXID gets excited by its first visit to LA in spite of TMZ's rudeness

EXID recently visited LA to take part in The 13th Korea Times Music Festival held on May 2. And as you may know, when EXID arrived at LA Airport, Junghwa told the camera that she was very happy, and a TMZ staff made fun of her accent, evoking racial controversy. Just like f(x)'s Amber said, it was a rude and childish action.

By the way, it was EXID's first visit to LA, and it seems that the lively members were so excited there in spite of TMZ's rudeness. They're so positive, huh? Let's see how was their travel.

Solji and Hyerin are so happy because many fans came to meet them at the LA airport!

Yeah, she really got excited.

Oh, it's quite unusual that the charismatic member LE shows her Aegyo.

Solji looks like a doll dealer.

Actually, it is for her niece.

Cute girls :)

They're talking about their conversation with a shoe shop worker in LA. The shop worker asked them, "Are you famous?" and they answered, yeah, "A little bit!"

Once more, "A little bit!" lol

They seem to be very upbeat :)

Solji said, "Hyerin? Hyelin? Hell? Go to hell," haha.

"I'm the girl from hell."

Actually, her English name is Jenny.


Hani is almost ready to hit the stage.

Love you, guys~ 

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