Big Bang's TOP and Daesung feel awkward with their TV appearance after three years' absence

Big Bang appeared on SBS' 'Inkigayo' aired on May 3. On the show, Big Bang caught eyes of people showing high quality performance with its new songs 'Loser' and 'BAE BAE'. By the way, it was the group's first appearance on kpop chart show in about 3 years, and there were some simple incidents.

Did you watch this scene? Yeah, Seungri and Daesung played the rock-paper-scissors game to decide which one will appear on the show as a special MC next week. Then, what is TOP doing? I think TOP wanted to be a special MC. :)

By the way, he lost the game..Oh, TOP.

Anyway, it's good to see he's happy. :)

And after the announcement of the chart show's winner, the members were startled at the ceremony. I think it has been too long since they appeared on kpop chart show.

On May 4, I interviewed the Big Bang members and could hear story about the broadcast. Here are the members' comments about it.

Taeyang: Actually, for GD, Seungri and me, it was not awkward at all to appear on the show because we've been active with our solo albums. However, it seemed that TOP and Daesung felt awkward when they arrived at the TV station.

GD: Yeah, it has been too long time since we appeared on the music chart show all together. We were so excited and felt a little bit awkward.

TOP: Daesung and I saw celebrities at the TV station after three years' absence.