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A story behind IU's Chamisul soju promotion event

IU attended a promotion event of Chamisul soju on April 10 2015. You might see the female kpop star's lovely photos taken at the event. By the way, there is a story behind it.

Photo journalists usually attend many events starring young female celebrities to take photos of them. Of course, many photo journalists attended the Chamisul event to take photos of IU, one of the most popular female kpop stars.

However, the journalists were originally informed that IU will arrive at the event at 7 pm, while the real start of the event was 8 pm and IU arrived there at 8 pm, of course.

Some of the journalists got tired of waiting and left there before IU's arrival. They misunderstood that IU was late for the event even though she arrived there at the appointed time and it was the organizer's fatal mistake.

However, after she got there, IU made a polite apology, without saying anything about the organizer's mistake. "I'm so sorry for being late."

And she did her best for the event. She drank real soju.

She sang and danced. At the end of the event, she also sang some songs without music for her fans.

"I'm feeling a little high because I had a drink on an empty stomach." lol cute

After signing an autograph for her fan, she said "Aren't my nails pretty?" And she took a picture with the fan. Can you see her treating the fan in a familiar way? :)

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