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YG Yang Hyun Suk's confidence and unlucky Dal Shabet

On March 26 2015, k-pop girl group Dal Shabet announced that it will released its new album on April 15. And after then, Dal Shabet's agency told journalists the group will hold its comeback showcase at 3 pm on the day, saying "It is Dal Shabet’s first album in a year and 3 months, and the girl groups members poured their hearts and souls into the album. They burned their bridges behind them."

A comeback showcase is very important event for k-pop idol groups because it is one of the most effective means of promoting their new albums.

By the way, on April 8 2015, YG entertainment announced that its hip hop duo Jinusean will release its new album on April 15, the same day with Dal Shabet's comeback. Besides, the agency said that a press conference for Jinusean's comeback will be held at 2 pm on the day. The place where Jinusean's press conference was held was far away from where Dal Shabet's comeback showcase was scheduled to be held, and it was impossible for journalists to cover both of the events on the same day.

Well, it absolutely was a desperate situation for Dal Shabet because it seemed no k-pop journalists would attend the girl group’s comeback event. Jinusean made a comeback after 11-year hiatus, while the group was one of the most popular hip hop groups in Korea. Since Jinusean performed at MBC's “Infinite Challenge” aired in January, the duo's comeback has been certainly sparking people's curiosity.

K-pop agencies usually avoid holding their artists' comeback events at the same time as the other agencies' artists because it brings smiles to everyone. For example, both EXO and Miss A's comeback events were held on March 30 2015, but SM and JYP discussed about the schedule in advance. The two agencies had an agreement to hold the events on different timetables because it helps journalists attend both of the events. So EXO's press conference was held at 11 pm, while Miss A's showcase was held at 4 pm. Both of the comeback event were very successful.

However, it seemed that YG’s Yang Hyun Suk didn't care about such a thing at all. I never think he tried to screw Dal Shabet over, but it’s true it looked bad not getting consideration for the girl group. I know he was just so confident in Jinusean's new album and the day was the perfect day for Jinusean's comeback because BIGBANG was scheduled to make a comeback a week later. However, let’s suppose. If it wasn’t Dal Shabet but a very popular girl group of a big k-pop agency such as Girls’ Generation, what do you think might have happened? He might have delayed Jinusean's comeback schedule.

Anyway, do you know what eventually happened? On April 12, Dal Shabet decided to delay its comeback showcase event. The showcase was held at 5 pm on April 15, while 5 pm is quite a late hour for an idol group's comeback showcase. Well, Dal shabet had no choice in the matter because Dal Shabet is a less popular girl group of a small agency and Jinusean is a popular hip hop duo of a big agency.

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