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Tiffany's interview in New York: She says she wants to work on her solo album in the United States

Girls' Generation's Tiffany recently visited New York and did photo shoot for Grazia magazine May issue. Here's an interview with her.

Q. How was your photo shoot? Wasn't it cold?
Tiffany: Actually, through the photo shoot, I could harden my heart. I just tired to focus on the work because I feel responsible for what I do as a professional. After finishing the photo shoot, I feel like I can do anything.

Q. What have you done during your stay in New York?
Tiffany: I booked musical tickets for my staff members. The musical was 'Aladdin'. The musical offers perfect performance. Costumes, stage management, and stage lighting, everything is perfect. When I visited New York before, I watched the awesome musical and I wanted to watch it again with my staff members.

Q. I think you are quite interested in stage management.
Tiffany: Yeah, that's right. I'm a little bit sensitive about stage. I want to do many things with stage lighting and set. When I appeared on music chart shows, I talked a lot with the supervisor.

Q. You will host Mnet's 'Heart_a_tag'. Tell me about the program.
Tiffany: The title is a mixed word using instagram's heart and tag. The program is about trendy fashion, beauty, and life style. I think I'm lucky because many people have trusted me as a good TV show host since I debuted. The program is not about music, but I'm not worried about it because I always try to study about other fields. Actually, I'm a generous giver and I will inform people of everything that I know about fashion and beauty.

Q. So, what did you buy in New York?
Tiffany: You should visit Free People in Rockefeller Center. The shop has ethnic dresses and skinny pants. Last summer, I bought some skinny pants there. And this time, I bought three same skinny pants. Of course, their colors are all different.

Q. What did influence your fashion taste?
Tiffany: It's my mom. She has an exceptional sense of style. Since I was young, she has talked me about colors. She said that there is a slight difference even if it is same pink.

Q. Girls' Generation recently released new single 'Catch me if you can'. Tell me about the song.
Tiffany: It is an electronic dance music and we show energetic performance through the song. I'm so proud of the performance. I want to give energy to people.

Q. Don't you want to release your solo album?
Tiffany: If I have a chance, I want to work on it with good producers in the United States. As I was born in and spent many times there, I feel comfortable if I communicate in English when I work on my album.

Q. It has been already 8 years since you debuted.
Tiffany: Yeah, but I still have many things to achieve. I think I have a long way to go.

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