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KBS' ridiculous restriction on Dal Shabet's 'Joker'

On April 15, KBS condemned Dal Shabet's new song 'Joker' as unqualified song for broadcasting. The broadcasting company announced that the song includes the lyrics which sound similar to a swear word. And KBS also made an issue of lyrics' sexual implications.

Well, KBS' decision is really ridiculous. The song has repeated lyrics "Joker, Joker," while KBS said that it sounds like "Jot Keo, Jot Keo." In Korean, 좆(Jot) means dick and 커(Keo) means big. I think the one who condemned the song as unqualified song for broadcasting couldn't even hear about Joker in the Batman movie. And KBS said the lyrics "Hey, my boy, my Joker. I want it. I want it. It’s getting hard to breathe. Baby goodnight" remind people of a sex scene. They do have a point, but it's not very convincing. Their standard is too conservative.

On April 15, Dal Shabet's comeback showcase event was held in Seoul and I've been there. Dal Shabet's Subin, who wrote the song, seemed feel very sad about KBS' decision. She said that the girl group will change the lyrics.

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