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Interview with TOP: He says Big Bang has come to the most important part of career

Q. G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri used SNS to communicate with fans but you didn't. Why was that?
TOP: There already are so many fake accounts which use my name. The BIGBANG members told me that they wish I'd use SNS because there has been no active communication between me and fans. They also said that I will have much more to gain than lose. Actually, I felt sorry for our fans because of a lack of communication. So, I'm trying to use SNS now. It may help me promote BIGBANG's new album, haha.

Q. For the last 10 years, BIGBANG has done many things. BIGBANG affected people's music, fashion, and even life style.
TOP: We have come to the most important part of our career now. I'm almost 30 and I want to be an honorable person who can have a good influence on the younger generations. And I always keep in mind that I have not to settle for the present.

Q. Have you ever had a difficult time?
TOP: Like all people, days have been difficult, but I easily forget about memory of hard time.

Q. Don't you think you are so sensitive?
TOP: I'm sensitive. So, I usually do not leave my home and do not meet people either. Don't get me wrong. I don't try to be mysterious. As I have a careful and sensitive personality, I do not attend a meeting if it is not a formal occasion. I just meet my nearest and dearest.

Q. So, what do you usually do to pass the time?
TOP: Lately, I've prepared for Singapore's Prudential Eye Zone exhibition. I'm a curator of the exhibition and selected Korean and Japanese works to be on display.

Q. Isn't it hard to work as a curator?
TOP: At first, I didn't want to reveal that I'm interested in art because some people might think I'm snobbish. But I wanted to share a fact that art is not something difficult because I’m really enjoying it. It's so happy to meet and talk with artists. I think I can't do it unless I'm obsessed with it, and I'm stimulated when I see the artists pouring their heart and soul into their works. There is a thread of connections between my works and their works because I have to create something new about music, acting, and stage performance.

Q. Some people say there are too many artists.
TOP: Everything doesn't last long if there is no essence. I'm a singer and actor, and if I suddenly start to devote myself to painting and sculpture merely because I like them, that is far too excessive.

Q. What does art mean to you?
TOP: When I was addicted to fashion, I recommended clothes to my friends. Art means the same thing to me. I think Koreans pursue beauty. However, fashion, design, and art have gotten an unkind treatment in Korea. That’s why we have a long way to go. Art and culture will become a very important mean of earning foreign currency. Some old people laugh at idols' clothes, but idols are those who earn substantial foreign currency.

Q. Do you think art can be industrialized?
TOP: I think the boundaries among music, art, design and more will gradually become blurred. The public has been culturally advanced, and we need to show perfect contents. By the way, some Korean criticize people who reveal their true feelings because they think it's haughty and snobbish. We don't need to be self-conscious. We have to feed off of our own pride.

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