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Interview with Park Jin Young: He knows whom Suzy has dated before

Q. You released your new song ”Who’s your mama?“ only 13 days after Miss A released ”Only you.“ And you topped various music charts, pushing back Miss A to No.2. What do you think about it? 
JYP: At first, I wanted to include the song in my full album to be released later. However, as there were only two competitors left for the final of “K-pop Star,” we had to do something to fill up airtime. So I decided to perform my new song on the program for the first time, and that’s why I released “Who’s your mama?” earlier than expected. And I thought 2 weeks would be enough for Miss A. You know, these days, it's really hard to top online music charts for more than 2 weeks. Anyway, I feel sorry for Miss A, and I will treat the members to a meal.

Q. Did you know about Suzy's romantic relationship with Lee Minho?
JYP: No, I didn't know about it at all. She does not hide something, but she had no chance to tell me about it this time. She always tells me about whom she meets and goes out for a meal with. Since we met, she hasn't hidden anything from me. Between her and me, dating is no big deal.

Q. Aren't you worried if Suzy's dating scandal will have a bad influence on your company?
JYP: That's her business. I know it could have a negative impact on the company’s sales, but I don’t think we can prohibit her from dating only for money.

Q. So, how do you manage risks?
JYP: I don't want to call my doctor after death. That’s why I try to prevent problems. When our company or artists do wrong, my principle is that we have to open it to the public and apologize. We will never cover up something.

Q. There are many female artists in JYP, but Jessi was featured as a rapper in “Who's your mama?” Is there any reason for that?
JYP: At first, I didn't even think about featuring because I hated to let a fake rapper be featured in the song. By the way, Suzy recommended Jessi. When I saw her rapping, I could know that she is real. I could recognize it at a glance because both of us are professionals.

Q. It seems that many of JYP's trainees have left the company and became popular k-pop idols in other companies.
JYP: All of them have family. I want to tell all the k-pop agencies' representatives that they need to regard the trainees as their own children. I think people are getting hard-hearted. If our trainees go to other companies and become popular, it's a matter for congratulation.

Q. You always say that you want to make a right company.
JYP: One of the problems of Korean society is that powerful people always use their superpowers in the wrong way. For the last few years, I've met many powerful people in the world of k-pop because I wanted to make fair music chart shows and awards ceremonies. However, I felt despair. It was like banging my head against a brick wall. But in my company, I’m trying to raise our trainees properly and told them to get upper-middling grades at their schools. And I prohibited our artists from visiting hostess bar too.

Q. What's your dream?
JYP: I want to be active as a dancing singer till January 13 2032. I'll be 60 years old then. I'm sure that my singing and dancing skills will last till then. And I want to take JYP to the height of international success.

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