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Girl's Day Sojin says there is a generation gap between her and the other members

Girl's Day is comprised of one big sister, Sojin, and three little sisters, Minah, Yura, and Hyeri. Sojin was born in 1986, while all the other members were born in the nineties.(Yura-1992, Minah-1993, Hyeri-1994)

Sojin now became 30 years old in Korean age, and she is one of the few female kpop idols who are in their 30s. Actually, Girl's Day's agency removed Sojin's date of birth from her profile of Korean portal site Naver. It seems that they don't want to disappoint Girl's Day fans.

Anyway, Sojin talked about a generation gap between her and the other Girl's Day members. Let's see what she talked about.
"When our album does worse than expected, I feel like it's my fault because I'm a leader. I think I'm a calm leader. I speak calmly, get angry calmly, and show annoyance calmly."

"I often feel a generation gap between me and the other members. The members said that 'Viki' became a weather forecaster and I thought that it was Vicky of Diva. But it was Viki of Dal Shabet! And one day, Minah told me that there is a 'Saeng Seon' in our company. I couldn't understand why 'Saeng Seon' was in our company, not in a fish market. I got to know later 'Saeng Seon' is short for 'Saeng Il Seon Mul'."

"Diva is a famous kpop group debuted in 1997. The threesome female group is comprised of Vicky, Kim Jin, and Min Kyeong, gained great popularity but broke up. And '생선'(Saeng Seon) originally means fish in Korean, but young people today use the word as a short for '생일 선물'(Saeng Il Seon Mul) which means birthday present."

And here's Sojin's comment about her solo album

"I want to release my solo album that includes soulful tracks. I get inspiration from Jeff Bernat and Melanie Fiona's songs. Actually, I receive great assistance from male singers' songs when I write songs.

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