Bigflo's Hightop blamed for dissing Block B, G-Dragon, EXID's Hani and more

Bigflo's Hightop is bringing strong criticism from people. Actually, the 21-year old idol who debuted in 2014, has released mixtapes and some of the songs include lyrics that diss popular idol stars such as Block B, Big Bang's G-Dragon, EXID's Hani, and more.

"Everyday, I play the fool with you. I twist it. It's so fucking interesting. It's no use lifting the anchor up high like dara dara because your ship will sink."

Compare the lyrics with the lyrics of Block B's 'Nillili Mambo'.

"Bbara Bbara bap, blow the trumpets. Shall we warm up a bit? Lift the anchors up high like dara dara."

When Bigflo debuted, fans of Block B blamed the group for coping everything Block B does. According to the fans, Bigflo plagiarized Block B's song and the Bigflo members wore costumes which were exactly similar to the Block B members. Regardless of whether it's true or not, it seems that Hightop got angry after being blamed by Block B fans.

Here's Hightop's another lyrics.

"No matter how fast you run, that's no good because you will get a fucking cramp in your foot. You are just a Tales Runner that is controlled by me."

Tales Runner is a title of online game, while Block B is the game's model. Yeah, Hightop absolutely has ill feeling toward Block B.
By the way, it's a wonder that Hightop dissed other kpop stars who are not involved with him.

1. Big Bang's G-Dragon
"You are just Gwiyomi Gwiyomi. Sorry, You're Jimotmi, Jomotmi. But your nasal voice is not a swag. It's just rhinitis."

2. EXID's Hani
"My attitude that doesn't care about up & down. You will forever regret it.(In Korean, he closed the sentence with 'Haniji') Just buzz off! In Chinese you're just a pill.(In Korean, he closed the sentence with 'Hwaniji)"

3. BTS(Bantan Boys) - "Bangtan" means bulletproof
"A gun without a dream. A bullet easily penetrates your body armor."

4. Winner
"If I apply BB cream to my face, I'm the wi, wi, winner. It's the difference of class, get it?"

5. Winner's Song Mino
"I'm the real dog, you buster. I was born in 1994 and I do some raw raps. If you were not born under the dog sign, do not even bark your raps. Even fucking touts can do better than you."

Well, what do you think? Me? I think he just wants attention.