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Why did Red Velvet have to add one new member Yeri?

Red Velvet will make a comeback as a five-member girl group.

On March 11, SM entertainment announced that a new member Yeri, 16, will join Red Velvet and the group will released its new album 'Ice Cream Cake' on March 18.

Red Velvet, formerly consisted of four members Wendy, Irene, Joy, and Seulgi, debuted in 2014 with its song 'Happiness'.

Check out a teaser video for Yeri below.

"It might be surprising news that Red Velvet will come back as a five-member girl group. However, it was a predicted change because Red Velvet couldn't achieve as satisfactory result as expected in 2014. Red Velvet sparked people's curiosity as it was the first new girl group by SM since f(x) debuted in 2009, but the girl group had failed to take the initiative in the world of kpop. Actually, it hurt SM's pride that small and medium-sized agencies' girl groups gained more popularity than Red Velvet. A typical example is GFriend. Meanwhile, there is also a possibility that SM will add more new members to Red Velvet over the next years. Why? Check out the picture below."

"You may remember the music video of Red Velvet's 'Happiness'. By the way, SM's 7 female trainees appeared in the music video and Yeri was one of them. And as you can see in the picture below, 6 out of the 7 rookies performed together at SM TOWN's concert held in 2014. Well, what do you think? It looks that SM is balancing probabilities, but I hope that Red Velvet will be able to plant in the world of kpop as soon as possible."

Oh, and SM has already hinted at Red Velvet and EXO's comeback. See the color pattern behind Amber.

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