Why did Lee Tae Im curse and scream at Jewelry's Yewon at TV show shooting?

Actress Lee Tae Im left MBC's 'Tutoring Across Generations' after cursing and screaming at Jewelry's Yewon.

At the TV show shooting, Lee Tae Im was recently tutored on how to swim and dove into the sea. After then, Yewon asked her, "Are you ok? Aren't you cold?" but Lee Tae Im suddenly began to curse and scream.

Due to Lee Tae Im's sudden behavior, the staff members had to stop filming and she was withdrawn from the program.

"The situation was really embarrassing because Lee Tae Im had no reason to be angry. Well, the actress, who has gained popularity by showing off buxom body since she debuted in 2008, is well known as being short-tempered. Due to such as personality, she was hated by those around her and had to change from agency to agency. And here is a rumor about her. Before she filmed her movie 'For the emperor', the executive of her agency insisted that she has to get paid double because she didn't have her breasts surgically enhanced. Eventually, she succeeded in getting paid double(100 million won = about 91,250 USD) and delivered a very erotic bed-scene in the movie."

"On the contrary, Yewon is well known for her very pure personality. She is kindhearted and is not manipulative at all. Yeah, she is a woman of kind character. Even after being cursed by Lee Tae Im, she tried to relieve the other people, saying she's fine. As you know, Jewelry was disbanded in early 2015, but I think Yewon will be able to continue to be active as a popular entertainer because she's pretty, talented and loved by people around her."

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