Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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What kpop girl groups want to say with their cleavages

You might see some kpop female idols showing their cleavages on stage or red carpet. They attract public gaze by wearing sexy low-cut costumes and dresses. Well, I think it can be accepted as woman's expression of self-confidence, and they look really awesome. However, there are some stories behind it.

"Have you ever seen a rookie female idol showing her cleavage in public? Of course, some of rookie kpop girl groups do that, but it's not the general case. Most of kpop idols debut at teen age, while immodest costumes are limited to them on various music chart shows. Generally, female idols begin to show their cleavages years after debut. It is a kind of survival strategy. They can't be teen age girls for ever. They need to show off mature charm not to fall behind in the competition with young and fresh girl groups. So, if a female idol started to show her cleavage, you can say she wants to show something new to the public.(Some of idol stars have their breasts surgically enhanced)"

"And here's another story behind it. It is common that idol group's members come into conflict with each other. In case of female idols, jealousy and envy always cause relationship problems among them. So, there are some female idols who show their cleavages on purpose to be able to stand out from the other members. Here's a real story. A kpop girl group member envied her team mate who gained great popularity by showing off her glamorous figure. Blinded by jealousy, she’d had her breasts surgically enhanced. After then, she started to be in the spotlight. Oh, please don't take what I say the wrong way. Not all the kpop female idols show their cleavages for some strange purposes. As I mentioned at the beginning, I think the idol stars' showing cleavage is basically woman's expression of self-confidence."

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