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Unedited photos of kpop female idols: They seem to be born to be stars

Are you dreaming of becoming an idol star? Yeah, of course, singers need to sing and dance well. However, it takes more than singing and dancing ability to be a star. Appearance is one of the most important abilities in success as an idol star.

You can change your appearance by having plastic surgery just like not a few idol stars who are now active in the world of kpop, However, there is a thing you can't change through plastic surgery. That is a body proportion.

Well, some of idol stars, by the way, show off perfect body proportions in the unedited photos, and they seem to be born to be stars.

Who do you think these girls are? Yeah, it's Girl's Day. As you can see in Hyeri's photo too, the girls have perfect body proportion. When the girl group was a rookie and wasn't popular that much, many people in kpop world predicted that the group will be able to be one of the most popular kpop girl group. Why? They caught eyes of people by showing off their good looks. Let's see Yura's photo.

See her small face and perfect body proportion! Along with Hyeri, she is now one of the most popular female idol star among male fans.

And yes, needless to say, it's Hyuna. The female star has a sexy and enchanting atmosphere. Many kpop male idols like her.

Girls' Generation's Yoona and Seohyun are the representative idol stars who have perfect body proportions. See their faces, pelvises, and legs. Their body lines are just impossible to surpass.

And there is one more female idol who shows off her perfect body proportion among SM artists. It's f(x)'s Krystal. She has small face and long legs, while she is regarded as on of the most preferred celebrities for advertisements. Do you envy her perfect body line?

Some of you may not know who this sexy female idol is. She is Hello Venus' Nara. As you see, she sexy and glamorous body line. I think she will be able to get a chance to become more popular.

And do you know who this is? She is..

APink's Son Naeun! In comparison with APink's the other members and IU, Kara's Goo Hara and Nicole, she has matchless body proportion. Her body proportion is unbelievably perfect. Let's see other unedited photos of Naeun.

Oh, she's beautiful.

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