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The reason why kpop idols show performance on the streets

These days, it's becoming common to see kpop idol stars showing performance on the streets. Girl's Day's Minah, who released her first ever solo album on March 16, released a showcase event on the street in Myeondong, Seoul, while Cube entertainment's new girl group CLC performed on the street before it released debut album on March 19. Crayon Pop, a kpop girl group who is well know for its hit 'Bar Bar Bar' will also hold its comeback showcase on the street in Dongdaemun, Seoul on March 21.

Well, do you know why the kpop idol stars perform on the streets? Each idol has different reasons.

Myeondong is a special place for Minah. As you can see in the pictures above, she showed street performing before she debuted as a professional singer. She was a high school student, and the girl who was in her school uniform did her utmost to sing in front of passers-by. In this way, she dreamed of someday becoming a singer.

Years later, yeah, as you know, she became one of the most popular kpop idol stars and visited Myeongdong again. Lots of people gather around to watch the female singer's performance, and Minah showed off her beautiful figure as a star. It was very meaningful event for her because, by holding the event, she could show her growth as a singer to the public. It seems that she wanted to back to the basics and start work with a renewed mind.

Kpop rookie girl group CLC received attention from people even before it released debut album because it is a new girl group of Cube Entertainment, home to popular idol groups such as BEAST and 4minute. And there are two main reasons why the girl group performed on the street before it debuted. First, it was one of the agency's promotional strategies. By showing street performing, the group can get some publicity and gauge the reaction of their audience.

Second, Cube and CLC wantedd to prove that the girl group has enough talent and ability as a promising new kpop idol. Unlike other idols who sing to their MRs on TV music shows, CLC played musical instruments and sang live when it showed street performing. Even though it seems that the girl group's debut song 'Pepe' is less popular than expected in Korea, it was a not bad promotional strategy to highlight the group's musical talent.

Before it made a big hit with its song 'Bar Bar Bar', Crayon Pop has shown performance on the street in Dongdaemun so many times. By doing so, the group could have many enthusiastic fans, while videos of the girl group's street performing became popular on SNS. As you can see in the case of EXID, SNS is one of the most important marketing tools in the world of kpop now. Crayon Pop and its company are expecting that the girl group's comeback showcase to be held on the street in Dongdaemun will be able to draw attention from many people.

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