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The APink members' unpainted faces: They prove their striking beauties

When kpop idols are interviewed by media outlets, some of them pose for a photograph in the media outlets' photo studios. However, others don't. Do you know why? There are two reasons. First, if the idol group is a top star like Girls' Generation, Big Bang, EXO, APink and more, the group don't need to do that. Second, if the idol group is ordinary-looking, the group do not want to take a photo in media outlet's studio because photographers of Korean media outlets usually do not care about editing their photos with great precision. It is the most important thing for photo journalists to show people what really happened, but the ordinary-looking idols want to hide the "truth" because they are not good-looking idols. I've seen many idols, and there were many idols who were more ugly than expected. However, some of the idols were much more beautiful than expected, yeah, just like the APink members. Here are the members' unpainted faces. Check out how pretty they are.






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