Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Kpop idol stars' weird specialties

IU: Sadako Dance(Sadako is the central character and antagonist of Koji Suzuki's Ring Trilogy novels, along with the numerous film and television adaptations of the books.)

U-KISS Kiseop: Blowing up three balloons at the same time

9Muses Hyuna: Twisting her lips

Super Junior-M Henry: Heart-shaped nostrils

Block B Park Kyung: Huge mouth

APink Namjoo: She has a huge mouth too :)

Big Bang TOP: Bingu Dance

APink Bomi: Imitating a gorilla

BTOB Eunkwang: Imitating a baboon

9Muses Sera: Making a cave at her neck

B1A4 Sandeul: Pretending to be insane(?)

Kara Youngji: Imitating Pocket Monsters manga's Psyduck

Jewelry Semi: Removing her double eyelid

EXID Hyerin: Imitating Harry Potter's Voldemort

2PM Taecyeon: Playing the harmonica with his teethes.(feat. Onew of SHINee)

EXO Baekhyun: Locating other people's bust point

After School Lizzy: She's good at it too

EXID Hani: Taking pictures with her toes

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