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Kpop idol rapper ranking: GD, ZICO and TOP hold a dominant position

Dominant Rappers: GD, ZICO and TOP
There would no doubt that Big Bang's G-Dragon and Block B's Zico are two of the most competent kpop idol rappers although the two young stars produce music of two different styles. GD's raps have more popular appeal than Zico's, while GD's raps are easy to sing along to and many of them are about love. On the other hand, Zico's raps are more energetic and powerful, while many of them are about his confidence as a rapper.

Some say that Zico is a better rapper than GD because his pronunciation as a rapper is more correct and he has built up his rap skills in the underground hip hop scene. However, nobody can ignore GD's special talents in making hit songs. And GD's team mate TOP is the only idol rapper who can rank with the two top idol rappers. He has his own world of music and has already proven his competitiveness as an hip hop artist by producing unique rap music such as 'Doom Dada'.

Young and Talented Rappers: Bobby, Mino, Rap Monster and Park Kyung
It is notable that YG's young rappers, iKON's Bobby and Winner's Mino, got high rank on the kpop idol rapper ranking. Well, Bobby has proven his ability by appearing on Mnet's 'Show Me The Money', while Mino showed off his rap skills through various rap music including his solo track 'I'm Him' and Epik High's 'Born Hater'. Two other young rappers, BTS' Rap Monster and Block B's Park Kyung, both of whom have started their career as underground rappers, are two of the few kpop idols who have their own world of music and can actually "rap."

Songwriting Rappers: Yong Jung Hyung and B.I
Beast's Yong Jung Hyung and iKON's B.I are the two who are more talented in writing songs than in "rapping". Both of them are good rappers but I can't say that they are the best rappers as of now. Yong Jun Hyung showed off his song writing skills by producing Beast's various hit songs such as 'Midnight', 'Fiction', and 'Good Luck'. His solo track 'Flower' was attractive enough to capture young kpop fans' hearts. B.I, a young promising new kpop idol, wrote Winner's 'Empty'. YG's Yang Hyun Suk expects that B.I will be able to grow up as a dominant kpop idol rapper just like GD.

Incomplete Rappers: Infinite H and EXO's Chanyeol and Kai
To be a real rapper, it is required for an idol to write his own rap lyrics. In that sense, some still do not recognize young idols such as Infinite H's Dongwoo and Hoya, EXO's Chanyeol and Kai, and more as real rappers. Of course, they have their own songs but their song writing skills are not above certain levels yet. They're still learning how to rap and write lyrics. And in cases of Chanyeol and Kai, it looks that they couldn't get actual opportunities to show off their rapping skills because of EXO's musical style. As you know, the group does not do actual hip hop music but dance and pop music. They have the potential to be competitive rappers in the next few years, though.

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