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How Lee Tae Im cursed Yewon(Video) and Dispatch's fatal mistake

A video of actress Lee Tae Im cursing Jewelry's former member Yewon was recently leaked. As it was reported before, Lee Tae Im has been embroiled in controversy because she cursed and screamed at Yewon at the shooting of MBC's 'Tutoring Across Generations'. OK, Let's watch the video first.

Here is the translation of the conversation.

Lee Tae Im: Hey
Yewon: Is it cold?
Lee Tae Im: Yeah, it's really cold. You should try going in.
Yewon: No.
Lee Tae Im: You don't want to? And it's just okay for you to watch other people going in?
Yewon: No, no.
Lee Tae Im: How dare you talk down to me?
Yewon: No, no. It's too cold.
Lee Tae Im: Do I look that ridiculous to you?
Yewon: No. I think you don't like me, do you?
Lee Tae Im: Why are looking at me like that?
Yewon: What?
Lee Tae Im: I said why are you looking at me like that. You think of no one else, huh? Fucking bitch. (To staff member)She talked down to me. Who do you think you are, fucking bitch. You should look at me in a right manner if you don't want to get beat up. The fact that I'm a celebrity, you're going to forever and forever..
Yewon: (After Lee Tae Im left)That crazy bitch. What's wrong with her?
Staff Member: You did nothing wrong.

Ok, Yewon said a few "No"s. Korean has honorific expressions and non-honorific expressions, and among Yewon's 5 "No"s, the 3 red "No"s were non-honorific "No"s. In Korean, "No" is "안돼"(Andwae) or "아니"(Ani) and honorific expression of the words are "안돼요"(Andwaeyo) and "아니요"(Aniyo). Yewon is 3 years younger than Lee Tae Im and she had to use "안돼요"(Andwaeyo) and "아니요"(Aniyo), but she didn't. That why Lee Tae Im said Yewon talked down to her.

However, it is a complicated situation. Young Korean women, just like Yewon, sometimes use non-honorific words even if the listener is older than them when they want to show friendliness.

So, my opinion about the conversation? In their tones, I can feel that they are not close that much and they do not like each other. And about Yewon's "No"s, Yewon did wrong in the strict sense, but I don't think it was a fatal mistake. I think it's Yewon's way of speaking, while Lee Tae Im was too sensitive about it. Of course, Yewon needed to behave in more pleasant manner. And it is provoking criticism that her agency pretended she is just a victim. Both of them did wrong, as a result.
By the way, have you seen the article written by Dispatch before? Dispatch reported about Lee Tae Im and Yewon's conversation this way.

According to the report, Yewon said nothing but "Unnie, Isn't it cold?" while Lee Tae Im said "Fuck, are you crazy? I'll kill you. Bitch, you want to quit your career? You fucking bitch."

What do you think? The article was really biased and it made people consider Lee Tae Im as a real "bitch."(Even though it's true that she is well known as being short-tempered as I mentioned in this article and it's also true that Yewon tried to relieve the other people, saying she's fine, after the termination of the situation.)

"Dispatch has gained people's trust by getting many scoops about celebrities and using conclusive style of writing. However, as you can see in the cases of Yewon and 2NE1's Park Bom(When Park Bom linked her name with drug scandal, Dispatch tried to show she is not guilty), Dispatch sometimes does not care about fair reporting. When the incident broke, Yewon's agency communicated actively with journalists and tried to protect her, but Lee Tae Im's agency didn't answer the phone and didn't say a word about the incident. I think this put Dispatch in a bad mood, while it seems that Dispatch is acquainted with Yewon's agency, and it is not close with Lee Tae Im's agency."

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