Girls' Generation's two charming members: The tallest Sooyoung & the shortest Sunny

Girls' Generation, one of the most popular kpop girl groups, has 9 members, oh, I'm sorry, has 8 members now. Among them, as you may know, Sooyoung, who is 170cm, is the tallest member, while Sunny is the shortest member.(She is 158cm)

Well, do you like a tall woman or short woman? Actually, I can't make a decision because both Sooyoung and Sunny are too attractive. Sooyoung is womanly and sexy, while Sunny is lovely and cute.

You can see the height difference in the Girls' Generation members through the picture above. :)

Oh, she is really slender. Let's see more photos of her.

Ok, but Sunny has her own charm as you can see in the pictures below. Even though she's short, her body proportion is good.

Isn't she lovely? And when she meets Sooyoung, this happens.

They're so cute, haha. Oh, by the way, Sunny has her friend who is so similar in height. It's..

Taeyeon :)