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EXO's Chanyeol didn't say he couldn't eat properly because of Han Jimin

Have you watched the news about EXO's Chanyeol and actress Han Jimin? It was reported that Chanyeol couldn't eat properly because Han Jimin was too beautiful. Well, however, it's not true.

On March 12, a production presentation for Chanyeol's movie 'Salute D′Amour' was held in Seoul. And of course, I was there.

At the event, Chanyeol stated, "As this is my first ever film, I was so shaking and nervous."

And added, "Ahead of filming the movie, I went to eat dinner with all the actors and staff members after the script reading. I couldn't even say a word for about 2 hours because I was so nervous. However, all the senior actors talked to me a lot and I could become comfortable. Thanks to their help, I was able to film the movie comfortably."

At that moment, comedian Park Kyung Lim, who hosted the event, asked Chanyeol, "Among all the senior actors, who took care of you the most?"

To this, Chanyeol just said "During the dinner, we were eating meat and Han Jimin sat in front of me. She made me comfortable."

And Park Kyung Lim joked, "Oh, Han Jimin sat in front of you. She is so beautiful, isn't she? You might not be able to eat properly in front of her."

That's it. After then, Chanyeol just nodded his head in agreement with a bright smile.

Anyway, at the production presentation, Chanyeol said "As D.O, who has already filmed his movie last year is my roommate, we had much time to talk to each other. After I received the movie's scenario, I was torn but D.O helped me a lot. He told me to just do my job as usual and I could practice my lines on him."

And added, "During the time I filmed the movie, I always carried my scenario whenever I went, and the other EXO members also helped me a lot. We talked a lot about the movie."

'Salute D′Amour' will be released on April 9.

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