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EXID Hani's real personality: Her beguiling charm

EXID's Hani is the most successful kpop idol star to spring out of 2014. She's made a splash through her fancam, and she is now regarded as one of the most sexiest female idol stars. OK, let's watch the fancam first.

Some of you might watch the video dozens of times. Anyway, as you can see in the video, she's so sexy and sensual. By the way, she is not entirely what she seems, and she sometimes is really off the wall. That's why I say she has a beguiling charm.

EXID's manager appeared on Moon Heejun's Pure 15+ and imitated Hani. He said "Oppa, I have to defecate," imitating Hani's facial expression. I almost fell off my chair when I watched it. No female idols or their managers have ever talked about defecation or dung. The sexy star made such a face and said she had to defecate? I can't even imagine.

To this, Hani bashfully covered her face with her hairs, and she... What is she doing? Oh, she's smelling hairs. Isn't she really off the wall? However, many fans love her because of this kind of easy going personality.

And please check out the three scenes below. On SBS' 'Running Man' aired on March 8,

She gave a big yawn,
slept soundly,
and even did a burp.

She is never pretentious and not coy with other people. That's why not only male fans but also female fans like her.

Add to this, she also speaks English and Chinese fluently. Have you seen her speaking fluent English on 'Going to school'?

Yeah, she's beautiful, has a nice personality, and even can speak foreign languages fluently. She seems to have everything.

Actually, when she was a high school student(She was a trainee of JYP Entertainment then), she was bullied at school because some students were envious of her. They scribbled on Hani's desk that Hani got a nose job and she is an artificial plastic monster. However, Hani appeared on 'Bind Test 180 Degree' in 2013 and proved that she didn't have plastic surgery. She even revealed her X-ray photograph.(At that time, ZE:A's Kwang Hee, who has an experience with plastic surgery, said Hani never had the surgery)

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