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Are Lee Minho and Suzy a perfect match?

It was a big news that two Korean top stars Lee Minho and Miss A's Suzy were dating. Do you think they’re a good match? Let’s take a look at some requirements for Suzy's boyfriend first.

First, the one who doesn't have double eyelid or has it on one eye. It's a matter of personal preference, but many Koreans think someone is handsome or pretty if he or she has a double eyelid. It is because many Koreans do not have double eyelid just like me. However, Suzy likes someone who doesn't have double eyelid or has it on one eye. Second, the one who is attractive and humorous. Suzy is a bubbly girl who loves to laugh and has a beautiful and attractive smile. She likes a humorous man who can make her smile. Third, the one who is thoughtful. Living as an entertainer is no easy matter at all. Entertainers usually go through some troubles because of vicious rumors, while some of them have committed suicide because people posted mean-spirited rumors and insults about them on the Internet. And they experience a struggle for existence in show business too. So, a star like Suzy needs a thoughtful man who can take care of her. Fourth, the one who is successful or handsome enough. Money can’t buy everything in the world, especially when it comes to love. And people say if you truly love someone, the person’s age, background and even looks don’t matter. However, let's be real for a second. Suzy is a top star who earns more than 9 million USD a year. In brief, from a common-sense point of view, her boyfriend needs to be very successful or handsome.

I had an interview with Lee Minho just before his film 'Gangnam 1970' was released and could check out if he is qualified for Suzy's boyfriend. And when I interviewed him, he said, "I like someone who is in sync with me and knows how to turn on her charm. I like a woman who has confidence in herself. But it's ok for her to be sometimes sloppy because I think such a kind of personality is attractive." Don't you think he was talking about Suzy?

Anyway, even though Lee Minho does not satisfy the first requirement for Suzy's boyfriend, "The one who doesn't have double eyelid or has it on one eye," he absolutely satisfies the second one, "The one who is attractive and humorous." I’ve interviewed many stars, and the stars have their own ways of being interviewed. Some of them make thorough preparations for their interviews and present prepared answers. Many idols follow this way of being interviewed. However, some veteran stars, who have been active in show business for years just like Lee Minho, answer more freely. Lee Minho led the atmosphere with an easy and composed attitude. He was frank in answering questions and lightened the atmosphere by making jokes.

And he satisfies another requirement for Suzy's boyfriend, "The one who is thoughtful," too. He is well known for being very thoughtful for his staff members. He has been working with his agency since he was an unknown rookie actor. His agency is not a big agency at all, but he didn't betray it even after becoming a big star. He always takes care of his staff members, while he is also famous for making large donations to the charities.

And needless to say, he fully meets the requirement for Suzy's boyfriend, "The one who is successful or handsome enough." As a representative hallyu star, he is loved by people throughout Asia. Actually, the very busy actor has to clear his calendar for more than 170 days a year. Do you know why? Because he is the most sought after CF model, and he has to film commercials that much. Suzy is a top star and earns more than 9 million USD a year, but Lee Minho earns even more than her.

So, here’s the way how Lee Minho and Suzy enjoyed their dating. They went out driving and went to a bar in Gangnam, Seoul, while they usually had a date in Lee Minho’s car because they had to escape public gaze. Lee Minho’s car is Hyundai Motor's EQUUS VL500. The car costs about 130,000 USD, and it is one of the biggest and the most stable Korean-made sedans.

Lee Minho and Suzy enjoyed their date in London too. On March 10, 2015, Lee Minho headed to Paris, France, while Suzy headed to London. And after finishing his magazine work in Paris, Lee Minho headed straight to London. He picked her up at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel London and went to Shangri-La Hotel. They stayed there for two nights and three days, while the hotel occupies levels 34 to 52 of Western Europe's tallest building, The Shard.

Anyway, I congratulate them on starting date even though there is one man who should be very sad about the news. It is...

Yeah, JYP entertainment's Park Jin Young. Suzy is JYP's representative idol star, and she has a great effect on JYP's sales. People are worrying if Suzy's love scandal with Lee Minho will have a bad influence on the company, while Miss A will release its new album on March 30. Actually, JYP's stock price fell sharply after the love scandal was reported.

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