Why is 4minute not close with the other idol groups?

4minute talked about the reason why they are not close with the other kpop idol groups.

At KBS Cool FM's 'Jang Dong Min & Lady Jane's 2 o'clock aired on February 16, Lady Jane asked 4minite, "Everybody knows 4minute members have great relationship with each other. However, it seems that you are not close with the other kpop idol groups. Why is that?"

To this, Nam Jihyun said, "They rarely talk to us. Actually, we are shy about saying hello to somebody. We are not affectionate towards our junior idols, so they do not say hello first."
"Each 4minute member has their close celebrity friend. However, it's true that the members are close with not many people in the world of kpop. Well, it may be because of their shy characters, as Jihyun said. The girls are very charismatic and sexy on stage, but offstage, they look just like the other ordinary girls in their early 20s. Umm, my thoughts about them? My first impression of 4minute was rude. They had no manners at all when they talked. They were prideful and never did what they didn't want to do. It was about 5 years ago. Of course, it might be because of their 'shy characters.'"

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