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Why did APink's Namjoo have to explain that she didn't receive special admission into university?

APink's Kim Namjoo will be a college student.

She has been accepted into Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Performing Arts, while it is said that she has a strong will for her studies and she plans to switch back and forth between promotions and studying by attending school on days when she has no schedules.

This definitely calls for celebration! By the way, A Cube entertainment, the idol star's agency, had to explain that she didn't receive special admission into the university. The agency stated, "Namjoo took the performance test under same conditions with the other students. The professors even didn't know who Namjoo is." 

"The enthusiasm for education in Korea is really high. Actually, Koreans' passion for their children's education is so great that it is thought to be excessive.(Korea’s polarization is getting worse, and people think that education is the only way to get a better social status) So, Koreans are so sensitive about college admission, and those who are against special admissions for entertainers believe that it is inherently unfair. Namjoo didn't receive a free pass to the university, but it's true that she got into the university on her merits as an entertainer. She didn't apply for regular admission. She applied for 'special talents' admission. That's why Namjoo is still criticized by some people."

"In Korea, there is intense competition between colleges to attract students. I don't know what's happening in foreign countries, but many colleges in Korea are now in financial difficulties. Accepting famous entertainers as their students is absolutely beneficial for the colleges because they can expect great effect of public relations. However, I wonder if the busy stars can attend their classes well. What is college life without attending the classes? For this reason, many famous kpop stars including IU, Suzy, Taemin, Sulli and more gave up on going to college."


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