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These days, playing a game called "Morajugi" is a fad among Korean young people. "Morajugi" means "giving all the things to only one person", and here's how to play the game "Morajugi."

1. Gather for a group portrait.
2. Decide which person will be the heroine(or hero).
3. All the people make ridiculous and odd faces except for the heroine.

That's it. In the photo, the heroine will look like very very pretty girl because the other members look too ugly.

Check out how kpop idol stars play the game. Which do you think is the best "Morajugi" player?

Girl's Day: Oh, Hyeri, did you have to do this? lol

APink: Look at Bomi. She really knows how to play this.

Sunny Hill: They are good "Morajugi" players too.

Mamamoo: Hahahahaha!

4minute: Umm, I think they're too careful.

Hello Venus: It's insufficient.

Secret: Did you do all your best?

B1A4: lol these boys are real.

SHINee: Where's Minho?

Boyfriend's Kwangmin and Youngmin: Oh, nobody can stop them.

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