How kpop idols lose Weight: The reason why 4minute had to become naked

4minute told a kind of shocking story about their diet.

At MBC's 'Section TV' aired on February 8, Jeon Ji Yoon said "When we were trainees, we became naked before stepping on the scale. We even had to lift up each other's hair to reduce the weight."

Do you think it's a big over reaction? Well, let's see.

"Kpop trainees check their weight every day, and the weight is reported to their company. They lose weight through diet plus exercise. Most of them, especially female trainees, diet by eating only fruits and vegetables. They can't even dream of high-calorie foods such as chicken and pizza. It's really agonizing and psychologically destructive, but they have to endure it if they want to be famous kpop stars. Their efforts to lose weight are just beyond ordinary people's imagination. If they are disqualified because of their overweight, they fall behind in the competition. Actually, Kpop idols look much more skinny than their pictures. For example, Hyuna, who looks voluptuous on TV, is really skinny.(I think her legs are thinner than my arms) Since things on TV look bigger than in person, the idols have to be extremely skinny."

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