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CL vs. Hyuna vs. LE: Who is the best kpop female rapper?

Strength: Most of kpop stars say that 2NE1's CL is the best kpop female rapper. As there are not many female kpop idols who "really rap" on stage, CL really means to the world of kpop. She can write her songs, and through the trendy songs, she always talks about her own story. She is one of only a few female kpop idols who are competitive as singer-song writers. She can speak Korean, English, Japanese, and French, which means she can interact with global musicians through her music.
Weakness: There are some people who say that CL is highly overrated because she is an artist of YG, one of the biggest kpop agencies, and has remarkable label mate GD. And it's true that she is still receiving great assistance from YG's competent music producers such as Teddy, Choice37, DEE.P and more when she writes her songs.

UK Jung's Rating - 2NE1's CL
Rapping ★★★
Dancing ★★★
Appearance ★★★☆☆
Musicality ★★★★

Strength: Without doubt, 4minute's Hyuna is the sexiest kpop idol star. Her rapping is not bad, and she has unique voice. When she sings, raps, and dances on stage, there's something really attractive about her. She is indeed very sexy and catches male fans(even male idol stars) with her charms. I can't say she's the best rapper, but she is the best rap-dance performer.
Weakness: She has been continuously embroiled in controversy because of her lack of musicality. There are many kpop idols who think that Hyuna is really sexy and dances well, but there are few people who think that Hyuna is a great rapper. She started to write her songs, but she is still lacking in many things.

UK Jung's Rating - 4minute's Hyuna
Rapping ★★☆☆
Dancing ★★★
Appearance ★★★★★
Musicality ★★☆☆☆

Strength: I think there were not many kpop fans who knew about EXID's LE before the girl group's song 'Up & Down' became a mega hit song in 2014. However, she was quite famous among people in the world of kpop because she has been recognized as one of the best kpop female rappers since she began her career as an underground rapper. She has unique voice(It sometimes sounds like Hyuna's voice), and is a competent singer-song writer. She is being recognized around the kpop world for her talent, and she was featured as a rapper in many different albums.
Weakness: CL and Hyuna exactly know how they can come into the spotlight. However, it seems that LE is just a good rapper. She needs to catch eyes of people by showing off her personal magnetism on stage.

UK Jung's Rating - EXID's LE
Rapping ★★★★
Dancing ★★★
Appearance ★★☆☆☆
Musicality ★★☆☆

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