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2015 kpop girl group ranking by

Korean media outlet Sportschosun recently revealed its 2015 girl group ranking. Well, I've worked there for years and know how the ranking was determined. A journalist asked people in the world of kpop for advise and determined the ranking by his own standard. He is a veteran journalist and I think the ranking is quite trusty. Do you agree with the ranking?

Actually, I agree with the ranking in some sense, but I don't, in other senses. Let's see how is the ranking.

Impossible to Surpass: Girls' Generation(SNSD), 2NE1, SISTAR
Nationwide: Girl's Day, APink, AOA
Social Kingdom: SECRET, 4minute, f(x), KARA
Mania Level: EXID, Miss A, 9Muses
Maginot Line: T-ara, Dal Shabet, Crayon Pop, HelloVenus
Potential Candidate: Bestie, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, GFriend, Sonamoo

"I think SISTAR is overrated. Of course, the girl group has shown impressive performance in the world of kpop, but the group needs to accumulate more accomplishments as a kpop idol group(World tour or musical accomplishments) to be ranked at 'Impossible to Surpass' with SNSD and 2NE1. And I'm sure that f(x) is underestimated. The journalist probably placed the girl group below APink and AOA because Sulli had some privacy issues in 2014. However, I don't think that the issues have a decisive effect on f(x)'s ranking. I also don't agree with SECRET's ranking, which is higher than Miss A's. Miss A didn't release its new album since November 2013, but nobody can say that SECRET is more popular than the girl group of 'Nation's little sister' Suzy.(And the ranking missed Orange Caramel)"
"I have to talk about 9Muses, T-ara, Crayon Pop, and Bestie too. It's true that 9Muses, the girl group debuted in 2010, has gained popularity for years and the group has quite a large fan base. However, it seems that the group reached the limit because the group's new song 'Drama' that was released in January 2015 was an abysmal failure. And T-ara and Crayon Pop are no longer popular kpop girl groups who are beloved by a wide audience. Of course, it's possible for both groups to reverse the situation in the future, but as of now, the groups are unlikeable characters in Korea. And I'm sure that Bestie is really popular among young male fans. It's unfair to say that Bestie is less popular than T-ara and Crayon Pop."

So, here is 2015 kpop girl group ranking by Check it out.

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