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2015 Boy Group ranking: EXO and BIGBANG Continue to Top the Ranking

I'm sure you've seen "Kpop girl group ranking" determined by various Korea media outlets or netizens.(Including 2015 girl group ranking by However, Have you seen kpop boy group ranking? Of course, some of media outlets and netizens determined the ranking by their own standards, but there are not many web sites which offer exact kpop boy group ranking. Do you know why? It's hard to determine boy group ranking because there are relatively much more boy groups than girl groups who are active as popular idol groups in the world of kpop. Anyway, let's see 2015 boy group ranking by The ranking is based on the groups' popularity, fanbase, evaluation by people in the world of kpop, public recognition, etc.

Impossible to Surpass: EXO, BIGBANG
Without doubt, EXO and Big Bang are two of the most popular kpop boy groups. Even though it has been only about 3 years since EXO debuted in 2012, the group has sufficient qualifications for "Impossible surpass." Every primary, middle and high school student in Korea is now mad for EXO. And I can honestly say that Big Bang is the most competent kpop boy group. The group is just on another level. Especially, G-Dragon, the group's leader, has an amazing talent in music. Some even consider him as the next Seo Taeji, the nation’s cultural president.

Nationwide: TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, BEAST
As it has been a long time since TVXQ and Super Junior debuted and the members are almost 30, it seems that Korean teenagers no longer admire the groups. However, the two groups have achieved significant outcomes at home and abroad, and they are legendary kpop boy groups, without doubt. SHINee and BEAST continued to gain popularity throughout Asia as competent boy groups.

Social Kingdom: Infinite, 2PM, FT Island, CNLBUE
Among young kpop boy groups who debuted after 2010, Infnite is one of the groups who have shown the most outstanding performance. 2PM, once recognized as "Nationwide" boy group, has been a little bit faltering over recent years, while FT Island and CNBLUE, idol rock bands of FNC entertainment, have established themselves as popular kpop idols in the world of kpop.

Mania Level: B1A4, VIXX, MBLAQ, Block B, Teen Top, Winner, BAP
There's fierce competition among "Mania Level" boy groups who eager for jumping up to "Social Kingdom" level. The groups are very popular and have firm fanbase but not good enough to be regarded as "Social Kingdom" boy groups along with Infinite, 2PM, FT Island, and CNBLUE. It is mainly because they are lacking in public recognition. Anyway, it's notable that Winner, who debuted in 2014, immediately became "Mania Level" boy group, while the future of MBLAQ and BAP looks precarious because of conflicts with their agencies.

Maginot Line: Boyfriend, BTS, GOT7, ZE:A
I feel really sorry when I seen the list of "Maginot Line" boy groups. The members are handsome and talented, but it seems that they are unlucky. They have to overcome limitations if they really want to jump up to "Mania Level" or "Social Kingdom." 

Potential Candidate: iKON, Monsta X
YG's new boy group iKON is about to debut, while Starship entertainment's Monsta X will release its debut album soon too. Well, I think iKON is especially worthy of notice. It is very likely that iKON will become much more popular than Winner because the group has very talented singer-song writers such as B.I and Bobby. iKON can be EXO's biggest rival in the future.

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