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Will Girl's Day's Hyeri Be Able to Win Success As an Actress Too?

Girl's Day's Hyeri is the most sought-after female kpop idol these days. After showing off her Aegyo(charming) at MBC's 'Real Man' aired last August, she became a national idol. She is currently hosting SBS MTV's 'The Show Season 4', while she is appearing in various commercials for different products as the most wanted star for TV commercials.

By the way, she faces a new challenge. She will appear on JTBC's new drama 'Seonam girls' high school investigators'. On December 16, a production press conference for the drama was held in Seoul, and let's see what Hyeri talked about her drama and acting.

'Seonam girls' high school investigators' is a drama about 5 high school girls who get down to the grass roots on various accidents occurred around their school. Hyeri will act a character Lee Ye Hee who is so confident about her looks and talks that she is the queen of Cannes.

About her character, Hyeri said "The character believes that she is the most prettiest in the world. Actually, it is very suitable role for me. As it has been a long time since I appeared on drama, I'm just enjoying now."

Hyeri's first ever drama was SBS' 'Delicious life' which was aired 2 years ago. But, she is still a rookie actress and does not have a lot of experience in the field. When new actors start their career, people in the world of drama usually suggest that they need to play characters that are similar to their real-life personalities because it helps the new actors adapt well to the field.

In that sense, it's lucky for Hyeri to take the lively role that is similar to her personality. At the event, Dressed in a school uniform, Hyeri caught eyes of people by showing off her cute and lovely charm.

Hyeri stated, "I really wanted to appear on the drama and I'm full of drive now. After finishing the drama, I want to hear that acting is very becoming to me."

A drama is created through a teamwork among a lot of staff members and actors. No matter how awesome the leading actor is, he can't make his drama alone. The same is true of Hyeri's case. She needs her fellows' help to adapt well to the drama.

4 actresses, Jin Jihee, Kang Minah, Lee Minji, and Stephanie Lee have been cast drama as Hyeri's schoolfellows. And it is notable that Jin Jihee, who were born in 1999 and 5 years younger than Hyeri, is not a new actress and has over 10-year acting career.

Jin Jihee started her acting career at the age of 4 and appeared on various dramas such as 'High kick through the roof', 'Queen In Soo', 'The moon that embraces the sun', and 'Goddess of fore Jung'. Although she is still a teenager, her acting is superb. As there are many new actors in 'Seonam girls' high school investigators' including Hyeri, it is expected that Jin Jihee will play a central role in the drama.

Yeo Woon Hyuk, producer of the drama, said "The actresses have been cast in the drama because of their good looks, actually, except for Jin Jihee. She is the actress who can deliver an outstanding performance. She's incredible."

Check out Yeo woon Hyun's more comments about Hyeri and her comments about her group, Girl's Day.

"I think I'm really lucky. Hyeri was the first actress who has been cast in the drama, and she became a national idol just in a week. I know she is now managing a series of tight schedules and her agency may regret promising to make the idol star appear on the drama. Well, a promise is a promise, haha."

"When I met Hyeri for the first time, she was really energetic. I was overwhelmed by the energy. I think she will get a new nickname 'national energy bar' after finishing the drama."

"All the young actresses appear on the drama have good energies. Of course, they're not mature as actresses yet, but they're getting better and better. They will be able to become sought-after actresses."

"As all the Girl's Day members are acting, we usually talk a lot about acting. We study scenarios and characters. The members know much about me, and they are very helpful to me." -Hyeri


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