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Kpop Album Review: Rediscovery of Super Junior's Kyuhyun

Super Junior's Kyuhyun took a new challenge as a singer. On November 13, the idol star released his first ever solo album since his debut in 2006. It is notable that 6 out of 7 tracks are ballad songs because the music genre seems to be something that is improper to the cheerful and mischievous boy group. As you may know, the handsome member Kyuhyun  dressed up as a woman and showed special performance at the group's concert and SMTOWN's concert, showing off his talent as an entertainer.

Well, Kyuhyun made a debut as a solo singer with his ballad album anyway, and to tell the conclusion first, he has been reborn as a "prince of ballad".

There have been many Kpop singers who were called "prince of ballad" or "king of ballad", such as Shin Seung Hoon, Cho Sung Mo, and Sung Si Kyung. Through his first solo album Kyuhyun proved that he has more than enough talent as a ballad singer to succeed his competent senior ballad singers. I can say it's a rediscovery of Kyuhyun.

Actually, there are three requirements for "price of ballad". Those are singing ability, expressiveness, and characteristic voice tone. Ballad singers, who usually stand still and sing lyrical songs on stage, have to appeal to the public mind only with their singing ability and expressiveness. However, there are not a few Korean singer who meet these two requirements. Among them, those who have characteristic and attractive voice tone can achieve recognition as a "prince of ballad", just like Shin Seung Hoon, Cho Sung Mo, Sung Si Kyung, and Kyuhyun.

The title track is 'At Gwanghwamun'.(Actually, the song was originally composed for Super Junior-K.R.Y's new album)

Gwanghwamun is the main and largest gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, while the gate has gone through multiple periods of destruction and disrepair as a landmark and symbol of Seoul's long history as the capital city during the Joseon Dynasty. Anyway, the gate is a popular place where lovers come on dates in Korea, and the song is about parting and memories.

The song is a typical ballad music, but it's not prosaic at all. With his sweet voice and competent singing skill, Kyuhyun expresses lyrical mood of the song well. His vocal performance is very impressive because he maintains optimum level of his emotions throughout the song.

'At Gwanghwamun', which seems to be the best song for autumn, topped various online music charts.

At the showcase event held right after the release of the album, Kyuhyun said, "I've prepared for the album for about 2 years. At a get-together of  SM entertainment, Lee Soo Man told that it's time for me to release my solo album. I had to manage a series of tight schedules, but it was really happy to release my own album."

Super Junior's Lee Teuk and Ryeowook, and TVXQ's Max Changmin also attended the event and sent out cheers to their friend Kyuhyun, while Kyuhyun stated, "Actually, I didn't tell the Super Junior members that I was preparing for my solo album because I thought that they, especially Yesung, would be jealous of me. However, after releasing the album, all the Super Junior members offered their congratulations to me and told me that they love me. Kangin said I should not ignore him even if I make a huge success with my solo album."

'My thoughts, Your memories' is a meaningful track to Kyuhyun because he composed the song, and his friend TVXQ's Changmin wrote the lyrics. The singer performed the song for the first time at Super Junior's concert held in Seoul last September, while the melody and lyrics of the song is quite impressive. Well, I hope he will grow steadily as a singer-song writer.

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