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Kpop Album Review: AOA Transforms into Sexy Cat Women

Kpop girl group made a comeback with its second mini album 'Like a cat'.

The album includes a total of 6 songs, while the title track 'Like a cat' is a lovely pop number which has an impressive Latin guitar sound. Through the song, the AOA members transformed into 7 sexy cat women by wearing black leather costumes and showing off their voluptuous figures.

Actually, before the album was released, it had been expected that AOA will make a comeback its new sexy music. As you may know, AOA gained great popularity with its sexy song 'Mini skirt' in early 2014, and has been maintaining its sexy concept ever since, as you can see in the case of the girl group's another hit 'Short hair'.

The sexy concept of 'Like a cat' could be a dangerous choice for the girl group because it is risky for idol groups to cling to only one concept. However, the 7 members who perform a sexy song are still attractive. By transforming into cat women, the members added a special meaning to the song, and it looks that people will not be tired of the group's sexy concept for the meantime. 'Like a cat' is about a woman who wants to look pretty in front of someone she loves.

To celebrate the release of the album, AOA held a comeback showcase on November 10 and talked about its brand new album. At the event, the members walked down the runway as real models and showed off their sexy charm. Well, frankly speaking, when I was watching their walking, it was really hard to keep my nerve because they were so hot.

Anyway, Minah talked about the album, "Since we debuted, we showed sexy performance as well as cute performance. This time, we want to show sexy and cute, but charismatic performance," while Choa said "We topped music chart show for the first time since our debut with the song 'Mini Skirt'. As we've worked much harder for the album, we want to challenge for the No.1 spot again. To transform into sexy cat women successfully, we've watched musical 'Cats' and Korean TV show 'Animal farm'."

Chanmi, the youngest member of the girl group, reduced her weight by 4-5 kilograms before making a comeback to fit into her tight leather costume. She said she rode a bicycle and had regular dance practices.

Oh, and please do not miss the song 'Time' included in the album. The song is a quite impressive track too. 'Time' is AOA's first ever R&B ballad track, while the song has a mournful piano melody and the AOA members sing the song with their captivating voices. The lyrics are about a woman who is yearning after her departed lover.

Check out more photos of AOA at its comeback showcase below.

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