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iKON's B.I and EXO's Suho Embroiled in Controversy Because of their Fathers

Two young Kpop stars, iKON's B.I and EXO's Suho are embroiled in controversy because of their fathers.

B.I's father, Kim Jung Joo, former president of Seunghwa Pretech, was recently arrested and charged with embezzlement.

According to the prosecution, he posted false stock prices when he acquired the company in February 2013. He also raised capital of 18.1 billion won(about 17 million dollars) by posting false stock prices from June 2014 to August 2014. He is currently under suspicion of embezzling 2.4 billion won.(about 2.2 million dollars)

When it was learned that Kim Jung Joo is B.I's father, criticism against B.I grew. Here's why.

Not a few people were coned by B.I's father. And by using that money, B.I's family lived off the fat of the land. The family made luxurious overseas trips, while netizens pointed out that B.I's luxurious coat costs 1.8 million won.(about 1,650 dollars)

Some say that B.I has nothing to do with the embezzlement. However, the others insist that B.I should not make a debut as a singer because B.I's father had a great effect on B.I's exclusive contract with YG entertainment. Do you remember that B.I was featured as a rapper in MC Mong's former hit 'Indian Boy' in 2009? Actually, B.I's father was acquainted with MC Mong and he showed B.I's video to the singer. After then, B.I could get an opportunity to perform with MC Mong and make contract with YG.

Will the scandal have a disastrous effect on B.I's career? No, I don't think so. By using its friendship with Korean media outlets, and by using its overwhelming position in the world of Kpop, YG is successfully covering up the story. YG will push ahead its plan, and B.I will debut as a leader of the agency's rookie group iKON at the beginning of next year. As B.I has an enormous amount of talent in composing and rapping, he will be able to become extremely popular.

EXO Suho's father is Kim Yongha who is a professor currently teaching at Soonchunhyang university. And he is a member of Citizens United for Better Society.

The problem is that Citizens United for Better Society is regarded as one of the representative organizations which are closely related to New Right. Since years ago, Suho's father has participated in the organization's events and made remarks which caused controversy. He is the one who personally designed Park Geun-hye administration's set of measures to reform the pension program for civil servants in order to reduce the government's growing pensions deficit.

In Korea, generational conflicts are getting worse and worse over recent years, while young people's antipathy against Conservative politicians such as President Park Geun-hye and Former president Lee Myung-bak is very strong. The antipathy against pro-government professor is the same.

Will the scandal have a disastrous effect on Suho's career? No, but it may affect the young idol star's career a little. SM entertainment is covering up the story as well as YG, but young Korean people are usually not generous to a political issue. 


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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!