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BoA Talks About her First Ever Korean Film

A production presentation for Korean film 'Big Match' was recently held in Seoul, while top Kpop star BoA also attended the event as an actress of the film. It is the first time for the female star, who built up her experience as an actress by appearing on KBS' drama 'Date Entertainment' and a film 'Make your move', to appear on Korean film.

It is notable that Boa performs an action scene through the film, and Boa, who is well known for her powerful dance moves as a singer, got intensive training for more than 2 months.

Boa stated, "After I decided to appear on the film, I went to action school with my senior actor Lee Jung Jae and learned boxing. However, there's only one scene for my action. In the film, I usually drive rather than fight, haha."

And added, "It was not difficult to learn my movements for the action scene because I'm experienced in learning choreography. But, I had to use up my energy because it was an exercise of the whole body and I'm shorter than men."

It has been 14 years since Boa released her debut album 'ID: PEACE B' in 2000, and it looks that the female star would be accustomed to every single thing of the entertainment world, but she said, "I'm very nervous about my first Korean film. Actually, I'm always nervous when I'm singing and acting. The film 'Big Match' is a big match of life."

'Big Match' is an action thriller film about a game programmer who designs a special game for Korea's wealthiest citizens, and a martial artist who is forced to fight in the game in order to save his brother. It stars Lee Jung Jae, Shin Ha Kyun and BoA.

Boa said, "I learned a lot from the film. It was a great chance for me to act with Lee Jung Jae."

The veteran actor Lee Jung Jae, who is regarded as one of the top Korean actors, is a role model for many young Korean actors.

Check out 'Big Match's director Choi Ho's comment about Boa.

"As anybody knows, she is a star of Asia. But, at the hidden side of her flamboyance, she has humanity and tough spirit. That's why we invited her to appear on the movie."

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