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A King Size Condom Spotted in BTS' Accommodation

BTS' Jin was embroiled in controversy because a king size condom was spotted in the idol group's accommodation.

On November 12, Jin uploaded a post on the boy group's blog(, regarding dishes based on squash, broccoli, mushroom, and beef.

Jin stated, "I bought broccoli to remove dark circles under my eyes. And I chose squash to reduce swelling, and I also bought mushroom. Beef is too expensive to eat frequently, but my mom said that I should not save money when I eat something. No meal is quite complete without a cheese. So, I bought cheese too."

He showed his cooking process with some pictures. However, one of the pictures became problem because a king size condom was spotted in it.

About the issue, the boy group's agency stated, "Yes, it is condom. It's a present to the boy group from a foreign fan."

Well, condom is something you need in order to practice safe sex, anyway.

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