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Girl's Day's Yura and Minah Talk About their New Challenge As Actresses

Yura and Minah, members of popular Kpop girl group Girl's Day will make appearance in dramas, taking a new challenge as actresses. Yura's drama 'Dodohara', which will be aired from October 27 on SBS Plus, is about young people who are running shopping mall, while Minah's drama 'The Greatest future' is about a story regarding a would-be singer and a new employee at large corporation. The web drama will be revealed through various online platforms including Samsung's blog, Youtube, and more on October 28.

Are you looking forward to the two pretty idols' dramas? Well, both of them recently attended production presentations for their dramas and talked about their new challenge as actresses. Let's see what they talked about it.

Yura: "Less Nervous When Filming My Third Kiss Scene"

Q. It's the first time for you to play the lead role of a drama. How do you feel?
Yura: I though I have to be responsible because it's my first leading role. So, I read the scenario diligently. And I tried to think about the character in my daily life. The director helped me a lot.

Q. Tell me about your character.
Yura: To her, love is more important than work. And she is full of charms and quite strong-minded, which is similar to my personality. She's cute and cheerful.

Q. You filmed a kiss scene with actor Yoo Minkyu. How was it?
Yura: Actually, it was my third kiss scene, and I was less nervous. When I filmed the kiss scene, he looked at me with a thrilled expression. We finished off it without an NG.

Q. What did the Girl's Day members talk to you when you started to film the drama?
Yura: In a online chat room, the members cheered for me by yelling encouragement to me and sending cute emoticons. When I get home, they take care of me. Sojin, who is currently appearing on TV Chosun's drama 'The Greatest Wedding', has visited the open set of my drama to cheer me up.

Check out Yoon Ryuhye, the director of 'Dodohara', and actress Shin Soyul's comments about Yura's acting.

"She is doing great. It's important for idol stars to find out a character which would be best suited for them. I think she successfully assimilated into the character." -Yoon Ryuhye
"As getting into the latter parts of the drama, she's getting better and better. Actually, I swear at her in the drama. I think I'm the only actress who can swear at a popular idol star like Yura. I'm very proud of it, haha." - Shin Soyul

Minah: "My Another Dream - Being An Actress"

Q. You acted a new employee at large corporation in the drama. How was it?
Minah: At first, I thought of a heavy atmosphere of office workers and I thought filming the drama is not going to be easy. However, it was really interesting to act a cheerful character.

Q. You filmed the drama at the building of Samsung. What did you feel?
Minah: I saw many office workers going to work early in the morning. I started shooting at 5 am, and there were many people who got to work before 7 am. It looked pretty hard and was very impressive. The building was imposing even just at a glance.

Q. Tell me you dream.
Minah: When I was a trainee, I wanted to be a singer. And now, I became a singer and I have another dream - being an actress. Instead, I want to be a gorgeous singer and a gorgeous actress.

Q. How would you describe your life in 10 years time?
Minah: I will sing and act as ever. I think I've been work hard, and I want to work tirelessly for many years to come.

"When I met Minah for the first time, it was just amazing because Minah is a idol star who sing and dance on music chart shows. But, we are of the same age and are in sync with each other. We talked much about acting." - Actor Seo Kangjoon

"Minah is the one who makes mistakes most often, Oh, I'm not saying that she didn't prepare for the drama. By the way, no one gets upset over her mistakes because she smiles so sweetly after making a mistake." - Actor Choi Sungkook


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