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Girl's Day's Minah Makes a Break with Son Heungmin

Girl's Day's Minah made a break with Bayer Leverkusen striker Son Heungmin.

On October 16, Minah's company, Dream T entertainment, announced, "Minah and Son, who had good feelings toward each other last July, couldn't have kept in touch because their busy schedules and excessive interest from people."

And added, "Minah will cheer for Son as his fan. She will focus on her activities as a member of Girl's Day."

Last July, the company admitted Minah's romantic relationship with Son, stating "Minah and Son met two times and they have good feelings toward each other. They have encouraged one another through SNS, and started going out just before Son returned to his football team. Minah is worrying about Son, who is facing the kickoff of a new season, and the Girl's Day members, who are busy promoting the group's new song 'Darling'."

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