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Super Junior Talks About its 100th World Tour Concert

Super Junior kicked off 'Super Show 6' by holding its exclusive concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul from September 19-21.

I've been to the group's concert held on September 21, and the group performed 32 songs including 'Mr. Simple', 'Sorry, Sorry', and 'MAMCITA'. The Super Junior members also showed their 12 solo performances, electrifying audiences.

Since its first 'Super Show' concert in 2008, Super Junior has held a total of 100 concerts all over the world, and the members talked about their incredible performance at a press conference held right before their concert.

Q. You've held a total of 100 world tour concerts. How do you feel?
Kangin: We've been hard at work on our 100th concert. As stage directors, Shindong and Eunhyuk certainly put in the hours on the concert.
Sungmin: It's my honor to hold 100th world tour concert as a Kpop singer. I will sing and dance with the idea that we are members of the national team.
Eunhyuk: I've thought that maintaining my original intention is important. However, I think I have to reestablish my resolve now.

Q. You've kick off 'Super Show' in 2008. Is there a memorable moment for you?
Shindong: I think 'Super Show' is now being regarded as a brand. Apart from our fans, their families and general public can enjoy the show. However, people still have preconceived ideas about our concert. I found out many good reviews about our concert on the Internet, and it was so happy to read those kinds of reviews.
Q. What do you hope to achieve?
Eunhyuk: We've done many things through our large-scale world tour. However, I think we missed something. I want to hold a nationwide tour to satisfy our fans in various areas in Korea.
Kyuhyun: I heard that I have to have a big dream. I want to be the first idol in the world who holds 1000 world tour concerts.

Q. What do you think is the reason for Super Junior's popularity all over the world?
Heechul: There are so many boy groups in the world, but I think there is no boy group who can show as happy performance as Super Junior. We dress up as women at our concert too.
Kangin: When I went to foreign country to hold our exclusive concert there, I asked a travel guide why we are so popular in the country. He said foreign fans feel intimate with us. We try to communicate with our fans at our concerts.

Q. Tell me about your fans from various countries.
Shindong: Korean fans roars when we appear on stage. And recently, they cheer for us systematically.
Sungmin: Japanese fans usually focus on listening to our music. When our performance is over, they give a standing ovation.
Eunhyuk: Chinese fans have big voices. It is heartening to hear their loud sounds.
Donghae: Our fans in South America truly enjoy our concert.
Siwon: European fans commune with us through our concert.

Q. Do you want to say something to your junior kpop idol groups who are on their world tours?
Eunhyuk: I know that many kpop idol groups hold their Asia tour or world tour concerts. They're doing really great. However, I think they have to ensure internal stability.

Q. You were dressed up as Elsa the snow queen at your concert.
Shindong: Whenever we prepare for 'Super Show', we refer to girl groups, animations and movies to provide amusement for our fans. When 'Frozen' was released, Heechul said he will dress up as Anna. However, there were not many characters in the animation, and we decided that we all will dress up as Elsa.

Q. You have visited many countries through 'Super Show'. Where else would you like to go?
Shindong: I've seen Sechs Kies and Fin.K.L performing in Pyongyang, North Korea. I want to go to Geumgangsan or Baekdusan in North Korea and perform in front of North Korean and Chinese people.
Eunhyuk: I want to go to the Middle East.
Kyuhyun: I'm waiting for Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's invitation.
Lee Teuk: Anywhere is fine with me if our fans want us to be there. I want to go to Africa, and we will deliver happiness and hope to people through music, regardless of profit.


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