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Kpop Album Review: Precious Young Diva Ailee's Comeback

Ailee made a comeback with her third mini album 'Magazine'. Have you all listened to the album?

The title track 'Don't touch' is the song that maximizes Ailee's charm as an attractive diva. There's no other young Kpop female singers who can sing rock based music as beautifully as Ailee.

Through 'Don't Touch', she shows off her powerful and dramatic voice, while the song is about a woman who was betrayed by a man. The repeated background vocals, "Clap, Clap, Clap," is very infectious, and the chorus with the lyrics, "Don’t touch me because I’m getting goosebumps. Don’t call my name because I don’t want to hear it. What do you know? You don’t love me. I don’t need you so go away, far away. Don’t touch me ," is so catchy.

Right after she released the song, Ailee topped a variety of online music charts, proving her unchallenged position in Kpop world.

Actually, many Kpop female solo singers are struggling with fierce competition in the industry. They usually sing a soft ballad music through which they can show off their outstanding singing ability, but it isn't a popular genre which attracts people. Instead, dance and hip hop are so popular among young Kpop fans. In view of the circumstances, Kpop agencies are reluctant to produce albums of female solo singers. And in that sense, the place of Ailee, the young female singer who is 25 years old, is definitely notable in the industry. She is a great asset to Kpop.

Before releasing the album, Ailee reduced her weight by 10 kilograms. Doesn't she look more beautiful than ever? At the comeback showcase event held recently, she stated, "I ate 500 calories a day. I got 100g of daily proteins from shrimp, beef, chicken breast, and crab meat. I also ate two cups of vegetables and a piece of fruit. I didn't exercise but practiced my choreography a lot."

And added, "I was so ready to drop. I reduced my weight by 10 kilograms in a month. My voice has changed too."

Ailee's album includes 'Sudden Illness', which the singer wrote and composed, while she also wrote the lyrics of the other 2 tracks 'Goodbye now' and 'Teardrop'. The songs are all about love and parting, but Ailee said that those are not her personal experiences.

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