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Kpop Album Review: Girls' Generation TTS Proves its Superiority As a No.1 Kpop Idol Unit

Girls' Generation TTS released its second mini album 'Holler'. It has been about 2 years and 4 months since the unit released its hit 'Twinkle' in 2012.

As you know, there are many idol units, but there has been no female idol unit who showed as outstanding stage presence and singing ability as Girls' Generation TTS. Through 'Twinkle', the three members of the unit, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, proved the reason for their superiority over other female Kpop idols.

Well, Through Girls' Generation TTS's new album, which has a total of 6 songs including the title track 'Holler', the members show off feminine, lovely, sexy, and cute charm.

'Holler' is a song which includes a message that people have to vary their routine and dream of their future freely. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun show off their outstanding singing ability, and at the same time, they make perfect harmony. The chorus is so catchy, and big band's brass mix well with the members' voices, making plentiful sounds. In comparison with the group's former hit 'Twinkle', 'Holler' is more energetic music. The three girls became more mature and confident.

'Adrenalin' is a quite impressive track too. Uptempo percussion leads the music, while it automatically gets your head and shoulders bobbing with the sound of the beat. The song has a catchy chorus, and it does not suffer by comparison with 'Holler'.

Third track's 'Whisper' is a pop with a sweet melody, and in the song, the TTS members breathe and whisper to express the feelings of the love song. As veteran Kpop idols who debuted in 2007, they exude expertise stemming from their long experience.

And do not miss a emotional ballad track 'Only U' too. It's notable that Seohyun wrote lyrics of the song, and it's about a girl who is looking for her eternal love. Through the song, you can see how Seohyun, the youngest member of Girls' Generation, grew up as a competent Kpop artist.

On September 16, Girls' Generation TTS held a showcase in Seoul, celebrating its releasing new album. SHINee's Minho hosted the event, and the TTS members talked about their album. They electrified fans by performing their songs including 'Twinkle', 'Baby Steps', 'Holler', 'Adrenalin', 'Whisper', and 'Only U'.

Tiffany stated, "During our arena tour in Japan, we've been hard at work on our new album. Sorry we made you wait," while Taeyeon said "We have many good songs in our new album. Our opinion was reflected in it, and it is really meaningful album."

As I mentioned above, Seohyun took part in writing lyrics of 'Only U', and she talked about song, "When I took a trip to the Swiss Alps with my parents, I wrote the lyrics in a day."

Tiffany added, "It's so happy to perform in front of our fans after a long interval. We want to develop continuously as singers," and Seohyun said "During a 2-year hiatus, we've experienced a lot, and we want to do more mature music."

At the event, Girls' Generation TTS showed fantastic live performance(Personally, the group's performance for 'Adrenalin' was the best), and it was notable that the three members tried to express thanks to their fans in any way. Till the last moment of the event, they waved their hands and blew kisses to greet the cheering fans.

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