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Secret Shows an Attractive Makeover with its Latest Album

Secret made a comeback with its 5th mini album 'SECRET SUMMER'. On August 11, the Secret members held a comeback showcase event and talked about their new album. The title track 'I'm in love', composed by hit maker Double Kick, is the song that has jazzy brass sound and groovy rhythm.

Q. Tell me about the title track 'I'm in love'.
Jieun: It was really exciting to work with Double Kick for the first time. As we worked with a new composer, we could find out new feelings of Secret. The song is about a woman who expresses her love toward a man boldly.

Q. What was the focus of your new album?
Hana: In our former album, we showed cute and feminine performance. We wanted to show an age-appropriate sexy performance through our new album, and planned a makeover.

Q. You look more beautiful than ever.
Sunhwa: I think all the members tried to take care of their looks before releasing the album. So, the members look more beautiful than ever.
Hyosung: I wanted to express fascinating feelings, so I drew smoky lines on my eyes and lifted my eye line like a cat. As the choreography of the new song is very powerful, I never gained weight no matter how much I ate.
Jieun: I usually do nothing special to keep my body in shape, but just try to eat healthy foods. I avoid fast food.

Q. Do you think you became more mature than before?
Hyosung: I think love of people in their early 20s is pure and innocent. However, love of people in their mid 20s is deeper and more painful. In the past, we tried to give off sexy charm by painting our faces thickly, but now we can just show maturity with our natural gestures and feelings.

Q. Were your individual activities helpful to your group activity?
Sunhwa: In the music video of 'I'm in love', I had to express two different egos. I could express my feelings more delicately because I have experience of appearing in dramas.
Hyosung: When I released my solo album, I felt pressured because I had to do it by myself. However, as a member of Secret, I have only to do a quarter of recording and stage performance, which makes me relaxed. Through my individual activity, I could become a seasoned singer.

Q. What will you do if you top music chart shows?
Jieun: If we top music chart show with our new song, we will switch our parts and perform the song on stage. We will switch our costumes too.

Q. Through the album, what do you want to achieve?
Hana: I changed my name a year and 6 months ago, but people still call me Zinger. I want to make people remember me as the name Jung Hana.
Jieun: We will show powerful vocal and dance moves, which is the great strength of Secret. I want to hear there's something extraordinary about Secret.

Q. Tell me your overseas activities.
Hyosung: We've been active in Japan and tried to learn Japanese. As there are many Japanese fans who come to Korean to support us, we try to take care of them. We will hold more concerts in Japan. And we are talking about our activities in foreign countries other than Japan too. We want to meet with more foreign fans as soon as possible.

Q. Didn't you have a hard job to prepare for your new album because you had to do your individual activities and overseas activities at the same time?
Hyosung: Actually, we were under stress. We practiced performing the title track when we were preparing for our concert in Japan, and upon arriving Korea, we had to film the music video. Even though we ran out of time, we practiced intensively.

Q. Are you looking forward to topping music chart shows?
Hyosung: Our dream is to be the national's girl group. Of course, it's happy to top music chart shows, but we don't want to sing the song to be easily forgotten by the public. We have prepared for our new album with a fierce determination.

Q. There are so many girl groups who are about to release their new albums. What do you think of rivalry with them?
Hana: I think it's not a rivalry, but a festival that pleases eyes and ears of the public.
Hyosung: When I practiced performing our new song, I was proud to be a member of Secret because there are not many girl groups who can sing and dance powerfully in their high-heeled shoes like us. I think we will be able to meet with good results.


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