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Kim Hyun Joong and his Girlfriend Battle for the Truth Surrounding the Violence

Kim Hyun Joong's girlfriend sued the celebrity for allegedly assaulting her for 2 months. I'm sure that many fans were shocked by the news. Well, however, the claims of the two sides are in direct opposition to each other. Let's listen to the arguments on both sides.
How Long Has Kim Hyun Joong Been Dating his Girlfriend?

Girlfriend: We've been dating since 2012. During the period, Kim Hyun Joong had some issues with women.
Kim Hyun Joong: It's true that we've known each other since 2012, but we recently started dating.

Did Kim Hyun Joong Assault his Girlfriend?

Girlfriend: Kim Hyun Joong punched and kicked me, and I was wounded in my face, chest, arms and butt. Due to his assault, I also had a broken rib.
Kim Hyun Joong: It's true that we had an argument and it grew into a physical fight. However, her broken rib was not due to my assault. Her rib was injured when we were playing around previously.

Has Kim Hyun Joon Been Constantly Assaulting his Girlfriend?

Girlfriend: In the past 2 months, he constantly assaulted me and apologized to me. I forgave him a few times, but I couldn't stand it any longer and became to sue him for assaulting me.
Kim Hyun Joong: It's not true that I constantly assaulted her. It is a very overinflated claim.

What is Kim Hyun Joong's Real Personality Like?

When I asked entertainment workers, they said that Kim Hyun Joong has manly characteristic. He is also said to be off the wall sometimes, but there was no one who said Kim Hyun Joong is a wicked man. As he is a top star who earns really big money, he sometimes gave people around him expensive gifts, showing considerate side of himself. However, no one can be sure about the relationship between man and woman. The truth will be revealed through the investigation of the police.


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