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2PM, 2AM, Miss A, Sunmi, Park Jin Young and more Electrify 6000 Fans

JYP entertainment's artists electrified 6000 fans. On August 9, '2014 JYP NATION - ONE MIC' was held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, while all the JYP artists such as Park Jin Young, 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, Sunmi, HA:TFELT(Yenny), Baek Ayeon, 15&, GOT7, and Bernard Park took part in the concert.

Various Collaborative Performance

At the concert, the artists caught eyes of people by showing a variety of collaborative performance. Here are the lists of JYP artists' collaborative performance.

Separation in Day Time - Bernard Park and Miss A's Suzy
A Good Day - Baek Ayeon, GOT7's Mark, Jackson and Bambam
It's you - Baek Ayeon and 2AM's Seulong
Music is my life - 15&'s Park Jimin, 2AM's Changmin and GOT7's Youngjae
Suddenly - 15&'s Baek Yerin, 2AM's Jo Kwon and 2PM's Jun.K
Moves like - 15&'s Park Jimin and GOT7's Youngjae
Game Over - 2PM and GOT7
A.D.T.O.Y - 2PM, Sunmi, Miss A and Baek Ayeon
Full Moon - Sunmi, Miss A and Baek Ayeon
24 Hours - Sunmi and GOT7's Yoogyeom
Nobody's Business - Miss A's Suzy and 2PM's Junho
Coming of age ceremony - Miss A's Fei and 2PM's Chansung
Me, In - HA:TFELT, 2AM's Jinwoon and Miss A's Jia
Telephone - 2AM's Jo Kwon and Miss A's Min
No Goodbyes - 2AM and 2PM

The show was quite interesting. 2PM proved that the group deserves popularity, by showing high quality performance. As the group has held large scale concerts at home and abroad many times, the members looked very relaxed and confident on the stage. 

Miss A's Suzy, who received the biggest cheer by audience, proved her popularity, while Sunmi's sexy performance in her bare feet elicited exclamations from the audience. It was the first time for GOT7, who debuted in early 2014, to perform at such a big concert, but the group did its bit. The GOT7 members fascinated the audience's heart by giving off their cute charm.

And personally, 15&'s performance was very impressive because the two girls showed off their attractive voice and outstanding singing ability.

Park Jin Young Shows Unchanged Energy

Park Jin Young, executive producer of JYP entertainment, also performed at the concert. As you know, he's in his 40s, but he was as energetic as his junior singers who are about 20 years younger than him.

He was the first singer of the show and kicked off the concert by playing 'Don't leave me' on the keyboard. He also performed 'You're the one' and stated, "Thank you for coming here where all the JYP artists get together once in a year. I think each of you may like different singers of JYP entertainment."

And added, "By the way, don't you think the JYP artists have something in common? Yes, they look so gorgeous on stage, but in their real lives, they are good-natured and pure-hearted."

He also said, "However, when all is said and done, those are singing and dancing. Let me show how JYP's singing and dancing began."

By showing flashy dance moves when he performed his hit 'Honey', Park Jin Young showed his unchanged competitiveness as a dance singer.

JYP Artists and Fans Unites Together

I could see various fans of all ages at the concert. Throughout the concert, the fans cheered the JYP artists by waving luminous sticks of many colors.

At the end of the concert, all of the singers and audience united together, singing 2PM's '10 out of 10', Park Jin Young's 'She was pretty' and 2PM's 'Hands up'.

Do you want to watch the concert? The JYP artists will depart to meet with foreign fans, while '2014 JYP NATION - ONE MIC' will be held at Asia World Arena in Hong Kong on August 30 and Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo from September 5 to 7.

Check out the photos of JYP artists at the backstage of '2014 JYP NATION - ONE MIC'.


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