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What Dynamic Duo Achieved Other Than The Scandal with Sulli

Dynamic Duo released its new album. The Korean hip hop duo that consists of Choiza and Gaeko is regarded as the representative hip hop artist in Korea, while the two met in the 6th grade of elementary school and have a long standing history of being friends. Choiza and Gaeko started to work together through an underground hip hop scene named CB Mass and then came to establish Dynamic Duo in 2003.

Well, the duo's new album 'A Giant Step' includes two tracks, 'AEAO' and 'Animal', while the album really shows a giant step because it was co-produced by world famous hip hop artist DJ Premier, who has worked with popular stars such as Jay Z, Kanye West, The Black Eyed Peas, and Maroon 5.

Celebrating its releasing new album, Dynamic Duo held a press conference with DJ Premier in Seoul, but all the people's concerns were centered on Choiza's scandal with f(x)'s Sulli. At the press conference, Choiza didn't talk about the scandal at all, but his silence about the scandal made the headlines.

And on various TV shows such as 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' and 'SNL Korea', the scandal and Choiza's losing his wallet were used as comic materials, attracting great attention from the public.

As you may know, Choiza and Sulli were mixed up in a dating scandal last year, but both of them denied the scandal even through there were a video that showed the two walking hand in hand. And in 2014, Choiza lost his wallet and a finder spread a photo of the wallet, while the photos Choiza took with Sulli were in the wallet.

The scandal really is something to grab the public's interest because Sulli is a famous idol star and it looks that the two overcame 14-year age gap. However, it's too bad to see Sulli being sexually harassed by some netizens(Choiza's Choi came from 'Choigang' which means The Strongest, and Za came from Zazi which means Dick), and Dynamic Duo's musical achievements are also getting little attention due to the scandal.

It is really hard for Korean hip hop musicians to be active in overseas markets because the United States is the home of hip hop and it is usually considered that American language is more fit for rap lyrics. However, Dynamic Duo succeeded in taking the first step toward overseas expansion by collaborating with DJ Premier.

Gaeko said "I can't tell if I am awake or dreaming. To us, DJ Premier is like god. From early years, we dreamed of becoming rappers and practiced our raps to DJ Premier's beats. After shaking hands with him and hugging him, I hate to wash my body. He is a hero."

Choiza also stated, "He made us do hip hop music. It is like we are living in a dream. It's so happy to be with him."

Dynamic Duo was invited to the music festival MIDEM held in France last year, and at the festival they received an email from DJ Premier's lawyer.

According to DJ Premier, he wanted to collaborate with Asian artists and came to know about Dynamic Duo because his label's worker told that there is a great team in Korea. He said "Even though I couldn't understand Korean language, I really liked their voice, flow and production."

Yeah, DJ Premier recognized Dynamic Duo's rapping skills, and it is never easy for Korean hip hop artists to be highly praised by famous American hip hop musician like DJ Premier. I hope that more Korean rappers will be able to work with American hip hop artists and be loved by many American hip hop fans.

Gaeko added, "Nobody can be certain about the future. We're doing this and that as the spirit moves us. If the foreign countries want us, we will run to there with a glad heart."


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