TVXQ to Reveal its Photos Taken in Italy

TVXQ will reveal its photos taken in Italy.

According to SM entertainment, the duo will release their photo book 'TI AMO TVXQ!' on July 21. Last year, marking its 10th anniversary, TVXQ visited Italy and enjoyed its vacation. The photo book will include the two members' various different looks.

The photo book is a set of three volumes, 'LA VIA DELLA LIBERTA', 'LA VIA DEL ROMANZO' and 'LA STORIA'. The photos of 'LA VIA DELLA LIBERTA' were taken in Milan and 'LA VIA DEL ROMANZO' includes the photos of the TVXQ members playing around lake Como, while 'LA STORIA' has behind-the-scenes glimpse of photo shoot and the members' comments.

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